Mounting in taxidermy refers to the process of preparing, preserving and stuffing the skin of an animal so that it can be displayed in a lifelike pose. This involves carefully removing the animal’s skin and preserving it using a combination of chemicals, tanning, and drying techniques. Once the skin is preserved, our taxidermist will then create a body form or manikin that is similar in size and shape to the animal and fit the skin over the form. They will then carefully position the animal’s legs, head and other body parts into a realistic pose before attaching them to the form.

The process of mounting is a skilled and intricate one that requires knowledge of anatomy, sculpture and painting. Our team will take great care to ensure that the finished mount looks as realistic as possible, paying close attention to details such as the animal’s eyes, fur, and overall posture. Mounting can be used to create lifelike displays of a wide range of animals, from small and petite like the steenbok, to large and bold like the eland.

Many people choose to have their hunting trophies mounted as a way of preserving their memories of a successful hunt. Mounting can also be used as a way of displaying animals in a museum or educational setting, helping to teach people about the diversity of the natural world. Overall, mounting is an important service within Trophy Service Taxidermy Studio, allowing our clients to appreciate and remember the beauty of the animal world long after the animal itself has passed away.


At Trophy Service Taxidermy Studio, we offer both fur tanning and leather tanning options. Leather tanning removes the hair and produces different types of leather through various tanning methods. It is usually dyed into a wide spectrum of colours with different types of finishes. Vegetable tanning yields harder and more rigid leather that is used for knife sheaths, belts, holsters, saddles and shoes. Chrome tanning, however, produces softer and more flexible leather for jackets, wallets, handbags and furniture.

Fur tanning is the process of preserving animal hides with their hair still intact. This method is often used to make rugs and throws for couches which can be backed with felt or a stable carpet for durability. Soft skins are also used for handbags, travel bags, ottomans, scatter cushions, framed skins and traditional attire. Fur tanning is a popular choice for those who appreciate the natural beauty and warmth of animal fur.

Dip and Pack / Raw Prep

Trophy Service Taxidermy Studio also provides a raw prep, or dip and pack service. This involves a process that includes the removal of all flesh and tissue from skulls, horns and bones, as well as the drying and bleaching of the bones and skulls. Additionally, all animal skins are cleaned, dried and treated with antibacterial agents to prevent the growth of bacteria and pests.

Once the process is finished and all the permits and necessary documents are on hand, we carefully pack all of the parts into custom-built crates and arrange to export them for further processing by your designated taxidermist.

Import / Export Worldwide

Trophy Service Taxidermy Studio specialize in the import and export of hunting trophies. We obtain the necessary permits and licenses for importing and exporting, as well as handling the logistics of shipping the trophies to their final destination. 

Importing and exporting involves complex regulations and we work closely with customs officials, the department of nature conservation and also veterinary services to ensure that all necessary paperwork is in order.

We endeavor to provide our clients a hassle-free solution to take their hunting trophies back home while ensuring that the import and export process is conducted legally and ethically.

Trophy Restoration

We understand the importance of preserving your trophies and extending their lifespan while also maintaining their original appearance. For this purpose, Trophy Service Taxidermy Studio offers a restoration service.

We provide a basic treatment consisting of cleaning, moisturizing and applying insect repellent to rejuvenate your trophies. 

For damaged and worn-out trophies, we have the necessary skills, equipment and expertise to repair, refurbish and restore them to their original condition. 

The restoration of trophies may involve a range of tasks, such as repairing scratches and cracks, replacing damaged or missing parts, varnishing and repainting. The specific steps involved in the process will depend on the type of trophy, the materials used and the extent of the damage.

Curios, décor and accessories

Trophy Service Taxidermy Studio is your one-stop-shop for handcrafted leather products, furniture and unique décor items. We specialize in creating custom pieces that are tailored to your lifestyle. Our skilled artisans can create ottomans, footstools, coffee tables, framed hide wall art and more, all to your specifications.

Our collection of home décor includes decorative skulls, horns, lamps, scatter cushions and coat hangers, all carefully crafted to add a touch of rustic charm to any space. If you’re looking for exclusive gifts, we offer a range of bottle openers, wallets, belts, coasters, fly whisks and sheepskin slippers that are sure to impress. 

In addition to our leather goods, we also create stunning rugs made from African animal hides and offer a range of handbags, laptop bags, rifle bags and duffle bags. At Trophy Service Taxidermy Studio, we pride ourselves in using only the highest quality natural materials and providing exceptional customer service. 

Discover the beauty and craftsmanship of our handmade products. Contact us today.

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